PCB Assembly

EVERTOP TECH PCB & PCB assembly services manage the cross-functional process and also include electronics design services, quality process, regulatory and reliability services, electronics manufacturing services and PCB manufacturing services. We can bring you at comfortable area since the order passed to us, due to a one stop EMS solution working with you.


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PCB Assembly Capabilities

PCB Assembly Manufacturing Available PCB Assembly Services PCB Assembly Machines
7 SMT lines Up to 12 layers, blind and buried via, impedance, heavy copper, HDI. Fuji CP8 series SMT mounters
3 DIP lines SMT/DIP Auto solder paste screen printer
0201 component In circuit test Reflow ovens with 10 zones
0.25mm BGA Function circuit test Auto optical inspection
SMT 6 million spot daily Burn in test Wave soldering (lead-free)
DIP 1.5 million spot daily Box Build PCB assembly test room


We have big capabilities for SMT/SMD assembly (also including Flexible Printed Circuit), through-hole and mixed technology PCB assemblies. BGA down to 0.25mm pitch, 0201 component placements and leadless devices assembly can also be available. High speed advanced Fuji SMT machines can well support your strict requirements of PCB assembly, whatever in relation to mil-spec, network, communication, health care, medical, musical instrument application. In terms of pass rate, we have done 99.9%. Our engineering team will discuss about assembly manufacturing process once we get your order. The best work plan will be figured out and your PCBs are performed in quality online.


PCB Assembly Cost

PCB assembly cost has its standard calculation method, which includes cost of PCB manufacturing, component, SMT/DIP assembly, test and logistics. In terms of small prototype order, engineering cost will be charged. Flying probe or frame test for PCB manufacturing, stencil and regular 5% loss of components during PCB board assembly process should be also concerned. For PCB board assembly test, it depends on the test plan and duration of completing one board. As herein,

[ The Typical Calculator of PCB Assembly Cost ]

PCB Assembly Cost = PCB manufacturing cost + PCB frame test or flying probe test fees + PCB engineering cost (only for small prototype order) + Component cost (additional 5%) + SMT assembly charges + PCB assembly test cost + Box building charges + Package cost (for special application) + Logistics cost (requested)


PCB Assembly Process

1. PCB Manufacturing


loctite solder paste
PCB design & fabrication helps you with experienced PCB design and fabrication, high accuracy, quality control. In general, your PCB prototype can be well served by us. PCB Assembly includes layout, fabrication and assembly. We also have monthly abilities of offering 35,000 square meters PCB, 80 million point SMT and introduce ICT, flying probe, AOI, X-ray, function test, burn-in test into inspection phase. We can help you with a system of transforming natural resources, raw materials and components into a finished product that is delivered to the end customer and strive to have the most optimized supply chain to make efficient and costs lower.


2. Screen Printing of Solder Paste onto PCB Board

loctite solder pastePhysicochemical and process property of solder paste directly impact SMT soldering quality. Solder paste printing is applicable for placing appropriate amount solder paste onto PCB pads, in order to ensure good circuit connection between SMT components and PCB pads and their mechanical strength. Solder paste printing is the critical process of SMT. Metal template printing is conventionally applied so far. According to related statistics, 60%~70% quality problems are caused by solder paste printing in premise of quality guarantee of components and printed circuit board. Requirements of solder paste printing:

a. Place solder paste appropriately, evenly and uniformly. Solder paste shape is clear and neighbor shapes do not connect. Solder paste shape is in compliance with that of pad, without any dislocation.

b. In general, the unit area solder paste amount should be 0.8mg/mm2, particularly 0.5mg/mm2 for narrow-pitch components.

c. After solder paste printing, the shape has no heavy collapse and edges are trim. Plate surface is not allowed to be contaminated by solder paste.

There are a large variety of solder paste with different alloy compositions, granularity and viscosity even for all from one manufacturer. How to choose appropriate solder paste highly impacts the product quality and cost. Now EVERTOP TECH is using Loctite lead free solder paste. We have figured out Loctite solder paste is reliable to ensure good product quality after process engineering test of its printability, demoulding, thixotropy, cohesiveness, wettability, welding spot defect and residue.

3. Lead-free PCB Assembly

In light of environmental concerns and customer request, we can offer lead-free PCB board assembly which complies with RoHS standards. At upstream, we choose PCB laminates in compliance with RoHS standards for PCB manufacturing. Also we use lead free solder paste and related reflow/wave ovens. We strictly fulfill RoHS requirements in light of your local regulations and don’t want to make you into any trouble on this basis.

4. Burning Program and In-Circuit Test (ICT)

Our test engineers will check short circuit, voltage, current, signal transmission of PCB assembly boards according to your ICT test plan. A professional report will be handed up to you if for any detected problems. For batch order, we design exclusive test frames to fast the ICT test process. We are also well sophisticated with decoding and burning program for you. Related test frame will be built to ensure products work effectively according to your requirements.


We also have a refined management of following phases of PCB assembly.

  • Incoming materials management

  • Surface mount technology (SMT)

  • Through hole technology (THT)

  • In-circuit test (ICT)

  • Quality commitment

  • PCB assembly equipments

  • PCB assembly workflow

  • Related certificates

  • PCB assembly samples

  • PCBA order requirements


PCB Assembly Machines

EVERTOP have 7 advance SMT lines, 3 THT lines, screen printer, reflow oven, wave soldering, cleaning system, BGA rework station, AOI and cleaning system. We can support any batch order volume (medium to small). More importantly, we have plenty experiences of offering printed circuit board assembly samples. Economic and quick plans are waiting for your reviewing, because we really take your lead time and stands at initial stage of the projects. So in generally you can get PCB assembly boards in 15 days (including time of PCBA manufacturing, components purchase, PCB assembly and test).

Auto Screen Printer of Solder Paste Fuji High Speed SMT Machine AOI (Auto Optical Inspection)
auto solder paste printer
Fuji SMT mounter
SMT aoi
Making solder paste leak onto the correct PCB pad through the stencil via. Picking components from stack station onto PCB pad. Checking if components are on right position and direction.
Reflow Oven Wave Soldering In Circuit Test
reflow oven
wave soldering
ict fixture
Soldering the components on PCB pads after melt and cooling. Soldering the components that can’t be assemblied by SMT machine Check all circuits are conductive.


PCB Assembly Quote

PCB assembly price in quote depends on PCB manufacturing, components, test plan and order quantity. PCB manufacturing cost is easily calculated by its dimension, layer(s), copper thickness, laminate thickness, surface finish and other special engineering requests (such as heavy copper, impedance, blind via, buried via etc), but components cost is hard to estimate, because different boards have its designs (using different ICs, connector etc).

To obtain an official quote, please send your Gerber files, bill of materials (BOM) and the quantity required to sales@evertop-tech.com. We will get back to you with a quote within one business day.


pcb board assembly


We are striving to offer best PCB assembly services from China to global regions. All kinds of PCB assembly problems which could not be fixed in other supplier will be resolved by our excellent engineering and manufacturing team. That’s why 100+ customers come close to us. We have capabilities of organizing incoming raw materials, process control, refined test to offer you best PCB assembly services in terms of small-to-large volume production quantities. During the course of PCB assembly, our engineers will report a DFM report if for defect in relation to PCB design and PCB manufacturing.



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