For ICs with many leads, care must be taken during the soldering process to avoid sticking and misalignment of the IC leads. Repeated operation will cause the chip to damage the pads off. Therefore, it must be done carefully and carefully during the soldering process.
The following steps is shared by the 
PCBA production line technicians on welding IC method :
1) The method of cleaning and fixing the printed circuit board is the same as the two-terminal component.
2) Select the tin on the pad at the edge of the most edge on the IC lead pattern.
3) Clamp the IC with tweezers and place it on the lead diagram of the IC on the printed circuit board. The alignment position is fixed. Then, the soldering iron is used to heat the solder on the pre-solder pad until the solder melts and the lead is soldered. until. The position of the IC can be properly adjusted during the soldering process,then remove the soldering iron .
Note: Do not touch the IC at this time. Do not move after fixing the IC with tweezers. Otherwise, the lead wires of the components may be misaligned and the welding may fail.
4)Check the alignment of the leads. All the leads of the IC need to be aligned with the pads on the lead pattern. If they are not aligned, they need to be re-soldered to align them.
5) After the leads are aligned, the leads of the soldered leads are soldered at the diagonal position, so as to avoid the misalignment of the leads caused by the movement of the IC when soldering other leads.
6) Soldering other leads, you need to use a magnifying glass, preferably a table lamp with a magnifying glass. Because it requires two-hand operation when soldering, use a pointed soldering iron to solder the leads of the IC one by one.
7) Check the lead wire soldering condition with a magnifying glass.
8) The method of handling the feet: Because the IC leads are dense, it is inevitable that the two leads are connected together during soldering, and then it needs to be treated with a tin strip. The specific operation is to place the sol


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